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YouTube Spaces

We went out to YouTube spaces in October. During our trip there we planned on meeting David Walsh and Gideon Shalwick (big YouTubers who are YouTube certified in audience growth) to make a collaboration video about YouTube, and to be uploaded to YouTube.

The building is beautiful and is constantly busy with new people arriving and leaving. This is the kind of place a person can’t just walk into. The front doors are always locked with people watching and if you were not on the list to get in, then you won’t. However, once inside they treat you great! We were assigned a studio and received the cameras and other video gear we requested promptly.

The studios were all filled up with all kinds of people working on their media projects. We were lucky to meet some of them and hear their stories of what they were filming and how they ended up there. Inside the building is very nice. They have food catering going on 24/7 and even have a little café where they will make anything for you (on the house).

The cameras in house for us was a Sony C300 and a Mark 5D. Both amazing cameras. Once our guests arrived, we began the first collaboration with David Walsh, which was about ranking and re-ranking strategies on YouTube. David flew in all the way from England to be there with Derral because they have both been successful with their channels. Basically the video it helps people realize how to boost their channel with popularity and subscribers. The second collaboration with Gideon was then about Live Events on YouTube. Gideon has successfully held many live events using YouTube, which is why Derral had him fly over from Australia just to put it together with him.

The shoots took all day and was dark by the time we finished up. However, YouTube didn’t short us there….they were kind enough to throw a big after party with many guests who arrive. They may do that every night there when the work is finished.