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Vid Summit LA

The YouTube Mega Training was one of the biggest events to happen this year. For three days, the YouTube Masters were there to teach all kinds of information about online advertising, making money with YouTube, and YouTube conversions.

What an amazing time it was for Derral Eves to be with David Walsh, Gideon Shalwick, James Wedmore, Casey Zeman, Yifat Cohen, Dane Golden, and Rob Actis. There were so many different varieties of methods and techniques demonstrated on how to grow your online business and be more successful.

“There were so many killer strategies to learn that literally unlocked all of the mysteries of online marketing,” Eves commented. The Vid Summit LA also taught ranking strategies and everything that one needs to know about Google and YouTube along with the visiting YouTube Spaces. Every part of it was incredible and there wasn’t one person there that couldn’t wait to get home and try out everything they learned.