Improving a Small Business Following 10 Effective Marketing Tips

If you think about it, all large companies grow from small ones. There are different factors that make their success vary such as the area they cover, the number of customers they attain, or what kind of products they produce along with the quantity. But the truth is that all companies start out small and has the potential to grow larger as they develop their marketing skills.

Marketing tips come a dime a dozen. But effective marketing tip are the ones that have been tried and proven true. Here are some very effective marketing tips you can use to grow your small business.

  1. Use Direct Mail: Postcards are great for ad campaigns. With the ad printed on the postcard, it is easy to send it to targeted prospects. Because this technique also appeals to people, a concise message will easily generate traffic to your website. This is a low cost method that leads to sales.
  2. Restructure Marketing Tactics: Customers tend to get bored with the same marketing approach. To ignite interest for your consumers, be more involved with planning and implementing new and intriguing sales pitches.
  3. Joint Promotion: Joint promotions with other small businesses can save money and be beneficial for both companies. This method gives businesses twice the reach at a low cost.
  4. Add Unique Offers on Phone Calls: By greeting your customer with a special offer, customers feel that their time spent talking with them was more of a personal endeavor. Personally greeting customers on phone calls gives consumers a sense of importance as it builds a strong connection to the company for them. Announcing a special offer that is close to expiration will promote the caller’s urgency to inquire about the offer.
  5. Stickers, Stamps, and Notes: One way to promote your business is by using stickers, stamps, and handwritten notes in mail subscriptions. This is fun information for consumers especially when the message can be read in 10 seconds or less.
  6. Newsletters: Another cost effective way to invest in your clients and generate sales is by using newsletters. A newsletter is a great way to keep up with your clients on a regular basis. Always include your brand and logo to gain recognition and interest from new and loyal customers.
  7. Follow-ups: Being an effective marketer is important especially right after your customer purchases a product from you. Sending them a handwritten note of thanks and gratitude will offer them a strong connection as it lets them know they mean something to the company from where they made the purchase.
  8. Hold a Special Event: Seminars, open houses, special promotions, and other events are key methods and techniques to gain interaction with customers while acquiring media coverage. Always find time to thoroughly prepare so your event is a proper display of class and elegance to maintain a high image of the company. For seminars, limiting the attendance and charging fees projects value of the event.
  9. Bartering: One way of promoting a business at a very low cost is by using the products and services in acquiring other products and services. This is called bartering. One common example of bartering is by sponsoring an event which offers other companies the benefit of donating a certain amount of goods in order to gain an advertising space for the event. This is very economical and a smart way of offering effective promotion for a business.
  10. Mail-outs and Flyers: One way to distribute printed ad material is through brochures, flyers, and mail-outs. Businesses can impress customers without saying a word. Spending your marketing dollars wisely is why mail-outs and flyers can yield a great return on these promotion pieces.

Avoid 2 Major Radio Commercial Mistakes to Generate Maximum Profit

There are many factors that greatly influence the effects of advertising for a company since there is no assurance in any type of advertising. Once in a while there will business ads that are not their best and will have a minor effect on the business. Actually, there are two major mistakes a radio commercial can commit that affect the sales pitch of the company.

The Ad Is Too Cute

To most consumers, they wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly what the mistake was in the ad, but they will feel the effect of this mistake because they lacked interest or completely ignored what the product advertisement was about. And even though they can’t narrow down the reason, the result is evident.

The first problem here is that it took too long for the listener to identify the product which can be devastating to the company’s profits and prospects. However, for advertisements that contain a lot of flimflam and seem way too cute, the listeners will be confused on what the radio commercial is about. Although it is good to have some descriptive words in the ad to entice listeners, it shouldn’t be the main content of the radio commercial.

It’s best to remember that the main part of the commercial is the product information. After listening to the ad, the listener should be able to clearly identify the product and brand that is being promoted. This should cause a strong reason to continue listening until the end of the advertisement‒ since the listener is unable to resist hearing more. For any type of business, this is the ideal radio advertisement.

An entertaining ad is good, but an information rich commercial is a lot better. Listeners don’t want to be annoyed or left in awe and confusion. If the listeners will find no reason to call, then the ad has failed and will lead to the second major mistake in radio advertising.

Lack of Call to Action

Consumers have to have a reason to take action. With a newfound interest in the company, the consumer will call the hotline, visit the company store, or browse the website to peak their interest. Even though consumers know you exist, you have to leave them with a strong reason and desire to take the first step to interact with the company.

One of the best ways to give the customers a reason to act is by giving them special offers. Everyone loves to get something for free, so this is the place to begin. Offer free consultations, coupons, information, newsletter subscriptions or a free lunch as it will give you a guarantee that these customers will have multiple reasons to contact the company.

It is important to be precise when you are giving these discounts. Instead of giving a 15% discount which the consumer has to calculate, give them the dollar figure of the exact amount they will be saving. This will make an irresistible offer to the clients and simplify the thought process of the listener.

Radio commercial is about communicating with your customers. Honesty and sincerity is the best way to increase brand awareness and reputation of the company. For more tips in avoiding major commercial mistakes, consult Creatus Internet Marketing Agency at and learn more about the ways to success in marketing.