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Video Production

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St George Video ProductionSt George Utah Video Production

St George Video Production A well filmed and edited video can add a real sense of professionalism to any website. If the video production is for a corporate videos, television commercial, professional multimedia video, or just for and online video campaign. The future is here, and video is at the forefront of internet communications and marketing. With any website, the goal is to get the user’s attention, keep their attention, and call them to take some sort of action. With video, these goals can be accomplished much easier. Studies have shown that an internet ad or website must get the users attention within 3 seconds or they will move on and never look back. If there is a video, or even a link with a play button that leads to a video, it will get the user’s attention immediately. People like videos, they are much more interesting than reading text or looking at still images. The average user will click on and view a video before doing anything else, just so long as they have the option to do so. Without video, the user is much more likely to leave the website quicker and go elsewhere.

Professional Video Editing Makes a Difference

St George Video Editing – One of the most important parts of St George video production is editing. A professionally edited and produced video can make all the difference. Just like when a user visits your website, or reads your blog, when a user views your video, they are judging you as they view it. Thoughts have already started in their mind about whether or not they are going to pursue using your services. It is important that the video delivers your message to the user in a way that will impress them and encourage them to use your services. It is also important that the video provides the user with useful information about your services. The user needs to know about the services you provide, and what to expect when if they purchase these services. Perhaps the most important aspect of the video is how it will keep the users attention. You have already captured the user’s attention by having the video, now it is important to keep their attention. Generally, shorter is better. You don’t want to talk too much about one topic. Keeping on topic and to the point can allow you to deliver your message much more efficiently. The user doesn’t always just want to hear you talk; they want to see what you are talking about. Having additional footage rolling in and out while you are talking can make a huge difference by keeping the viewers attention. Other subtleties like background music, text, using different camera angles, and other effects can make a huge difference. The most subtle attributes, may seem simple, but can be the difference between the user viewing your video for 10 seconds and going elsewhere or the user viewing your entire video, while staying focused on your message, and deciding to use your service. The longer you have the user’s attention, the more likely they are to further pursue your services.

Professional Video Production Services

Professional Video Production Services – At Creatus, we offer professional video editing and production services to our clients in St George and surrounding areas. We have produced professional internet videos for many of our clients and the effectiveness of their internet marketing efforts have much improved from it. We make sure that each video we produce is customized to meet the needs of the client. It is important that your internet video has a goal of promoting your company and marketing your services. We make sure to plan each video project with this in mind by making sure that your video delivers the message that fits your business. We know how to utilize internet resources to give your videos the most exposure both on your website and elsewhere. By creating custom Flash Video Libraries and custom YouTube channels, and by performing Video Optimization techniques on each video we produce, we will improve the online marketing of your business. Having a video to promote your business is one thing, but having a video that is properly distributed on the internet and properly optimized for relevant search results is another. By utilizing the professional Video Production and Video Optimization services of Creatus, you can be sure that your videos accomplish the overall goal of boosting your online presence and promoting your business to as many viewers as possible.