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Creatus Teams Up With The Redhead Express in Alaska

From August 27th to September 3rd, Creatus did an exclusive music video shoot with the Redhead Express for one of their upcoming music videos. And there is no better way to see the magnificent beauties of the state of Alaska and listen to four beautiful women sing country music.

The whole crew was involved in shooting scenes for the upcoming music video. Derral, Tel, and others from Creatus teamed up to produce this music video masterpiece. Everyone agreed how fun and exciting it was take part in the event, and to see how easy it is to capture such clear pictures with the drone camera, along with all the other video shot in and around different places in Alaska. There is something about the beauty of Alaska that magically transforms you, and you’re continually transfixed by the rich color and wonder that is all around.

Each shot was spectacular, and by the end of the day as Kendra, LaRae, Alisa, and Meghan were in awe of the experience. It didn’t matter if they were standing on a glacier, in a serene part of the forest, or in a meadow of flowers. Every shot was remarkable, especially the view from above as they flew in a helicopter to scout out remote locations.

To top it all off, the Redhead’s played at the Alaska State Fair. They had a great time getting back to their old stomping grounds and visiting with friends and family along with the making of the video. From conception to the end result; Creatus had quickly turned a music videos into a work of art for the Redhead Express.