Finding Customers with Effective Web Design

Why is it that some sites get more hits than others while others seem to be totally ignored? Online marketing is a process that usually involves something trending, or just having really great content that grabs people’s attention. It must be something so extraordinary that it becomes a real eye catcher that will draw your viewers’ attention in for a closer look. But there is more than just throwing some text and pictures onto a website. This endeavor also involves layout, design, and usability.

A user will know instantly if your website is worth visiting the moment they look at it. There are certain points on a page that will pull in the viewers’ attention which tells them that the content they are looking at is quality or not. And with that, let’s talk about effective web design. Here are three to think about:

Who Are They?

Brands and companies must describe who they are within the first few seconds that a visitor looks at them or they won’t make it. If someone ever has to ask questions about what your company does or what your brand is about, then the front page of your website needs more work. The skill of creating an image so strongly that it stands out among the others will put emphasis on the brand itself, and no one will mistake it for any other.


A website with a good presentation will allow viewers to never think too seriously about what they are looking at. The reasons is obvious; if the content flows throughout the page and the information is readily available, those navigating the page will feel that they recognize consistent data that make them feel more at home, and more willing to spend their time searching your content. The simpler the design, the easier it will be to navigate. A good presentation also involves a strong layout, a color theme, typefaces, flat design, patterns, and a story that will convince them that they are looking at the right website. Website functionality must be a first when you create your site.


As technology changes, so do the backgrounds of web pages. Trends have come and gone, but lately there has been more effort put into having a huge background or using a single color theme. This seems to allow content creators the ability to portray emotions better than with a single picture. Another advantage to large backgrounds is the ability to have your content stand out. Hitting all the important key elements of your content can be done easily and with simplicity if you have a strategy to follow.


Having a solid approach of what you are presenting will be the most important element to creating great content through your story. Even though the basic structure and design of your website is important, you can never spend too much time making certain that your content has balance and poise. Coming up with a story that has value will add to the significance of the website. Since you only have a few seconds to capture the interest of your viewer, you must be determined to make it so great that they can’t take their eyes off of it. If your content is engaging, you will stand out from your competition.

Most of what was trending last year is still dominating in web designs. Although websites no longer look like they did a decade ago, it is important to realize all of the vast possibilities that are present when designing one.

Creating a Website to be an Effective Marketing Tool

The way businesses communicate and interact with their customers has rapidly changed. The Internet has evolved our lives as everything is becoming more technological‒ one of those new advancements being a website. In fact, websites can be very effective tools, have unlimited potential for reach, and is a must-have for any business looking for success.

There are some important factors to consider as you develop your website:

  1. You must have a very clear idea of your target audience
  2. The ability to reflect your business image and brand
  3. Continually uploading content that is relevant to your brand
  4. Maintaining, updating, and regular monitoring of your website

But this isn’t all that is required to designing a successful website. Since online marketing is relatively inexpensive, having a well-planned campaign strategy can be very effective for finding success. This also includes the ability to change the content and adapt to what is trending.

Creatus understands the importance of using a website as an effective marketing tool. Our web designing specialists understand these vital dynamics. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Carefully design your website to have a strong brand recognition that also navigates through the site easily. As your customers find themselves attracted to the visual aspects of your site such as the layout and color, having the ability to easily move from page to page or item to item is a crucial part of becoming a success. Businesses reach 98% of their customers with their website. This is the time to create a strong strategy.
  • Consumers love content that is sharable. They also love regularly published content. Businesses should also establish their marketing techniques on all popular social media sites. This will ensure that your website performs in all strategic areas of online marketing.
  • Create optimal landing pages on your website. This provides your customers their first contact point while introducing your brand. Landing points enable your website the ability to highlight services and products effectively. Having a strong visual representation will allow your customers a meaningful experience whether it’s by the sale of products, or the services you render.
  • Become credible by growing a strong reputation. A businesses reputation can be disputed in many ways through success stories, testimonials, or information about your services and products. Keep in mind that these tactics help you to increase conversions because they are coming from genuine people. It’s important to find out what your product does for people, ask them what value it is to them, and get to the heart of the product or service that adds a unique element to your brand.