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GeekifyGuys Launch

Derral launched his new YouTube channel, GeekifyGuys, on March 1, 2016. Derral teamed up with fellow YouTuber Jared Mecham from Ellie and Jared to create a new and unique channel that’s all about having fun. Every Tuesday, GeekifyGuys will release a competitive activity video, while Thursday will be a competitive gaming video. The Geekify Gang […]

Derral Reaches 200,000+ YouTube Subscribers

Derral’s YouTube channel recently surpassed 200,000 subscribers, accomplishing a goal he set for himself two years ago. With this subscription milestone, Derral decided to give back to his viewers by hosting a live Q&A session: 200 minutes for 200,000. Derral’s crew put together a special filming set right in his office to optimize the live […]

Studio C Collaborations

The Creatus team went to Provo Utah and met up with Studio C. They helped film some collaborations with Peter Hollens, The Piano Guys, Brooklyn & Bailey and Cute Girls Hairstyles. Creatus worked with both parties to make the collaboration happen and make sure it was uploaded and marketed. Peter Hollens and Studio C For […]

Derral Eves Guest Speaker on Saturday Cup of Joe

In today’s world of social networking, every once in a while it’s a lot of fun to hang-out with the guys and discuss the events of the day through a live webcast. Lemmy Moore, host of Saturday Cup of Joe, invited two of his associates, Derral Eves and Bill Walsh to talk about where video […]

Bill Gates’ Corbis Acquires Plaid Social Labs

Cobis, a company founded in 1989 and owned by Bill Gates, will acquire Plaid Social Labs, an online video and social media platform that focuses on product integration, founded by brand integrator Ricky Ray Butler, for an undisclosed amount. Content has quickly become a strong marketing vehicle for advertising agencies, and with this acquisition from […]

MoonLight Shoot

Amy Guess came on May 5th to film her music video for her original song, MoonLight. For the shoot, Creatus rented out a tele-lense canon 800mm which can be pricey. As they envisioned the full moon shot and planned the shoot from dusk to dawn, one thing caught the crew off guard. Heavy storms passed […]

Decoding the QR Code

Several years ago the QR Code was the hottest thing to hit mobile phones because it was easy to use and also a fast way to get information about a certain product. QR Codes could now hold up to 7,000 numbers where the old barcode only held 30. So this additional storage capacity opened up […]

Video Marketing Will Boost Your Business

One of the greatest rewards of creating and having YouTube videos for your business is that you don’t have to pay for your air time. Video marketing is one of those benefits that can boost your business while also creating a brand name for your trade. It stands out in many other areas that some […]