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Useful YouTube

We offer YouTube Consulting, Management and Promotion. We help maximize your video exposure to find your ideal audience and lead them to your YouTube channel.

Precise Promotion

We offer the latest cutting edge techniques for marketing video and the highest quality Online Promotion, SEO, and Social Management. We link you with your optimal audience by crafting a marketing plan specific for you.

Visual Video

A picture is worth a thousand words, Video is in the Millions! We help create powerful visual videos that appeal to your targeted audience. We provide everything from Creative Services to Video Production. We even offer Aerial Video to take your business to new heights.

Video Production and Marketing

Creatus is a leading company in Video Marketing and Promotion, we offer everything your business needs to be successful online.

We can help with your pre-production, assisting the creative process of the video.  100 hours of video are posted to YouTube every minute We create unique content to make you stand out from the competition.

We can help with the production of the video; we have some of the greatest videographers and behind the scenes staff. Although YouTube is known for home videos of funny dogs or giggling babies, we produce only the highest quality videos and sound.  As a professional company we have incomparable standards for ourselves and our clients.

We can help with the promotion of your video, we have been working with YouTube since its creation. We have watched YouTube grow from a startup website in 2006 to becoming the 2nd largest search engine, having content in 60+ languages, and becoming the key for any business online.

Skillful Services

The Creatus team is ready to help your business grow online to it’s fullest potential through video marketing with our many services we offer including:

Creatus’ Cool Clients

Each of our clients are important to us, we care for our clients like they are our family.  We help with social media, SEO, YouTube consulting, Video Production and promotion, etc.  As we meet with our clients, go on video shoots, and help promote videos and businesses we learn to care about them and their businesses like they are our own.


YouTube Channel Management

Our team stays up-to-date in YouTube’s ever-changing strategies. We take care of the little things so you can be a better leader and get the results you have always dreamed of. Your business will accelerate, and you can hit the ground running by knowing that your team is always ready to take care of your consulting needs. YouTube is a global entity, so it makes perfect sense to improve your social presence and brand image with the solution consultants at Creatus. We generate lasting results for all your business needs.

Aerial Video Production

Our specialized cinematography services are exclusive with our experience taken from hundreds of successful videos. We take your video to the next level with our advanced aerial shots of impossible places. You can have this bird’s eye view and turn any aerial video into a high definition vision of excellence.

We have the complete package for any business or company of any size. With our rich color and detailed images, you will find our professional services very satisfying as you see for yourself the high resolution and clear quality pictures that we produce.

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Social Media Marketing


In today’s world social media is a must, if your business doesn’t exist online to some it doesn’t exist at all.  If a potential client is looking for a business like yours on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or even Google your business needs to be there.  Social media gives your business the ability to constantly be where your potential clients will find you.  Video and social media go hand in hand:

757 million people use Facebook daily

Over 700 videos are shared on twitter every minute

We make your business part of that and help you gain all the benefits of social media and video marketing.

What others say about us

Lindsay WeirichBefore, I felt like I was throwing darts blindfolded, I didn’t know what was working I didn’t know what wasn’t working… he showed me places I could go and get really good information and then how to break it down so I could use it to figure out what techniques of mine were working, what weren’t. And it’s just stuff I never would have figured out on my own… The amount of growth I’ve had in the last three months, I mean, I didn’t have that growth my first three years of my channel!

Lindsay Weirich

Rob ActisIf you’re failing in your business you’re just not getting to where you want to be. Not just failing, but if you’re at a point where you’re just like, “ok, but I’m not getting there…” now’s your chance to get the Ultimate JumpStart. I mean, consider the source, it’s Derral Eves!

Rob Actis

Tony GolanIf you don’t know Derral, if you haven’t been fortunate enough to get to know this man I highly, highly recommend that you do so if you want to get anywhere in Internet Marketing… Derral’s very caring, he has very powerful insights and he’s the perfect man to lead you down the path to success in the Internet Marketing world.

Tony Golan

Nikole DunkleyI had the opportunity to receive the most amazing training from Mr Derral Eves. He really just shared all of the magic nuggets for us to take our YouTube marketing for our business to the next level so I just wanted to say a very very special thank you to you, Derral.

Nikole Dunkley