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Unique Video from the Dominican Republic

The Creatus team spent a week shooting video in the Dominican Republic for one of their clients, Tony Litster. The shoot consisted of 28 videos to promote Tony’s upcoming book.

Video is a great opportunity to show people what you’re about. And there is no better way to market and advertise than with video. Besides, you can’t beat the location of the Dominican Republic with its breath-taking views to provide plenty of perfect video footage to get that perfect shot. Everyone enjoyed the work and it was so amazing to see the diversity of the cultures. How awesome it was to go to such a beautiful country to make unique video.

Everyone should plan to visit the Dominican Republic sometime in their life. This place is teaming with all kinds of opportunities and definitely provided that right footage in the making of these videos.

Waterfalls, exotic animals, and blue ocean surround the landscape. What a paradise it was to be in and enjoy. There is nothing better than enjoying the day shooting video, the hospitality of the people, and eating all kinds of delicious food.