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Tips for Free Internet Promotions for Local Business

There are all kinds of ways to promote your local business online. The Internet is literally jam-packed with marketing platforms that don’t cost a cent which are effective ways to get your brand visible to the public. The power of online advertising is a rapidly growing trend that allows businesses to let their presence be known if it is done correctly.

Local businesses have all been affected from the advancement of technology. Some businesses are already engaging while others are still wondering where to start, and may not have much knowledge for company resources, especially for Internet promotion. This may lead them to uncharted territory and find that they are unable to use social media correctly to increase traffic and sales for their business. Internet promotion for local businesses can become quite intimidating if you are unable to get consumers to look at your website.

With Creatus, our professionals know the ins and outs of local business promotion. As with anything else, we specialize in finding the right category and geographic location to help your business acquire the best results with the services that are available, and can aid in promoting your local business.

Some of the services that Creatus works with is widely recognized called Google Local. The company creates an account on Google Local and inputs company information such as company name, address, contact number and website. To avoid false accounts, the company must verify the existence of the business. The company will get a map listing of the company name and geographical location in a few weeks. The next service is the Google Coupons. Using the free coupon tool in Google to advertise the company coupons on relevant local searches is an effective way to gather online clients and customers. The third Google service that can aid a business company is Google Base. It is a one box service that allows the company to upload company items and special events and make them appear on related Google searches. Although Google Base is beneficial to a business company, Google is providing a more suitable feature which they call Google Merchant Center. All company products that are uploaded in their respective Google Base accounts are transferred to the Google Merchant Center. These features are providing basic services for free but for the more advance services, fees are required to acquire them.

Another free service is Yahoo Local from Yahoo which can set your company in its geographical location and designated category. Reviews from this will help your company to climb on the top of the search list. A good review is a plus to the company rating.

Then, there is the Yellow Pages, who are one of the pioneering social media sites found at They have a great reputation for successful brand promotion on their site. Their most basic listing service is free.

Press releases are another great way that the Creatus team can help you promote your local business. Sites like offer free press release services. Posting informative blogs will bring clients to the company. There are several websites where free blog posting is available.

Free advertising is also possible on the Internet. The company will just have to visit advertising sites and take advantage of their free advertising trials. Interaction with the company clients is also possible in Squidoo. By creating a Lens on Squidoo, direct promotion in the company products and services can be realized. In LinkedIn, by being helpful in the Question and Answer section, the company can generate a good reputation on the visitors and members and gain possible clients. Email signatures will be useful to set an identity and promote the company brand on all outgoing emails.

And lastly, posting useful articles on sites such as EZineArticles, ISnare and IdeaMarketers can greatly promote the company brand and products. A high quality article will increase the company ranking and reputation.

Again, there are so many ways that businesses can promote locally, and free of cost. And it is important to optimize your online marketing with every tool that is readily available to use. Creatus has experts that can take the worry out of local promotion and handle your online business campaigns to help you attain your goals and find success with local promotion.

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