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The Three B’s for Generating Leads

It does not matter what type of business you have or the location of it to generate solid leads. But to generate concrete leads is a fundamental for growing a successful business. Generating leads for your company are important because they help you gain prospects, find new clients, and earn higher profits. Companies are always trying to find new ways to generate more leads that will make them more successful. Here are three ways you can build your business and successfully generate more leads: Buy- Bribe- Borrow.

To some of you those three words may sound a little fuzzy to you. But with a little explanation, you will understand exactly what it all means. Let’s start out with:

  • BUY- Buying simply means that companies will likely pay for its marketing advertisements with billboards, radio ads, or television ads. Anyone can certainly find multiple ads as some businesses put out more advertisements than others. In the end, it is just a way to buy the attention of the market. This is a crucial fundamental for any business especially if the company wants to generate more leads, then they have to spend more money with paid advertisements.
  • BRIBING- This is merely an act of giving something in an effort to cause a particular action in return. With online businesses, we are talking about companies that offer discounts and other free offers to gain the interest of the customer. It could be a coupon, a free eBook, email course, newsletter, or a video tutorial. This strategy works because it doesn’t cost a lot of time and effort, and the only exchange taking place is the time it takes to enter the contact information for the subscription to your offer. After organizing the offer, businesses are able to generate new leads each day as more people are getting interested in what you’re offering. Within a small amount of time, companies can generate hundreds if not thousands of qualified prospects. This is a simple and sound business strategy commonly referred as “earning leads” and will enhance interest for new clients.
  • BORROWING LEADS- It can be cumbersome to try and earn leads one at a time. By borrowing leads, you are able to generate large numbers of leads in the hundreds or thousands in a short amount of time. This is done by setting up a partnership with one or more business companies that share the same market. After an agreement is made with another partner company, the partner company will send out endorsements for the other company to its existing customers and vice versa. At times, reputation is hard to earn. Having this type of marketing strategy will increase the leads of a company exponentially and broaden its brand recognition and increase sales profits.