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Take Your Company to the Top with Twitter

For businesses using online marketing, it is vital to use different platforms to take advantage of all the available options out there. Internet messengers are just some of those sites that can be highly effective in online marketing. Twitter provides businesses a way to interact in a regular conversation which is a good solution for continual engagement and interaction.

Twitter can be used as an Internet messenger but messages are displayed less frequently. Unlike Internet messengers, Twitter is also a blogging tool which allows the user to publish short messages with a maximum of 140 characters. Twitter is also compatible to IM, cellphones, and personal computers connected to the Internet. You can also post events, news, ideas, read opinions, and give feedback inside the system. It also has the availability to join other groups or conversations at any time. When users gain the attention of other users, this is a great opportunity to capitalize and promote one’s own brand and lead the market.

Some of the major uses of Twitter are for personal branding. A user can create a persona or brand on this social media site, establish a good reputation, and quickly become the object of attention among users‒ old or new. This is one of the best ways to receive feedback and get results from surveys and questionnaires. Another great advantage is introducing a product and asking for feedback from your users to determine whether the product if functional, profitable, and meets the demands in the market.

Other ways of benefiting from Twitter is having the ability to post a message. Say for instance you need to hire new staff members for your company. The company representative can post a message informing other users of the vacant position along with the skill requirements. Other Twitter users can inform those users who are suitable for the job opening making your time more optimal.

Twitter is a great way to direct traffic to your website. By adding posts to their social groups, the group can subscribe news and other articles from the user’s website. This makes Twitter a medium to make new friends or find new business prospects. It also works if you are too busy to tweet since Twitter is used as a good tool to remind the user about schedules, or for making lists of things that need to be done throughout the day or week.

For those of you in business management, Twitter can keep your employees connected. Field agents of the company are able to stay in touch with clients by notifying them about special events, new products, or setting up meetings with clients.

Twitter is a multipurpose social media networking tool that will ultimately promote your company. Creatus is an Internet marketing agency based on Southern Utah. We offer services and assistance to any interested business or company in order to successfully integrate social media tools like Twitter in their business. Not only that, but Creatus will help the company on those sites. Creatus also offers complete web design and maintenance services for high quality performance company websites. For more information or inquiries, give them a tweet at .