Business-to-Business SEO Management

Millions of people use the Internet every day, yet not ever business understands the importance of search engine optimization when they strategize their marketing plan. This is a significant component of developing ones business, influencing customer markets, and gaining authority while growing brand presence.

Business-to-Business is the exchange of products, information, or services between businesses. Since there are more people involved with Business-to-Business or B2B management, there may be different organizational skills or simply a diverse way of looking at brands. This can make the process more technical where Business-to-Business marketers are mainly relying on their contents to provide guidance to their prospects throughout the lengthy sale cycle. Although their marketing efforts are already effective, they have yet to reach the maximum potential of the marketing strategies regarding their content.

One of the best ways to optimize marketing efforts is by search engine optimization that directs massive amounts of traffic to websites, generate leads, build a solid brand message, and find opportunities that increase sales.

This type of marketing is well-known with businesses that have substantial amounts of high quality content but have not been optimized for search yet. Another thing that B2B marketers fail to take full advantage of is to use core SEO which involves optimization of keywords, key phrases, technical links like backlinks and internal links, images with Meta data, and alt tags. This makes it impossible for B2B marketers to optimize their whole website or to enhance search visibility and exposure.

In order to be successful and bring visibility and traffic to one’s brand, B2B’s need to generate a considerable amount of traffic by distributing their content on multiple social media sites as well as developing quality content.

It is essential that they integrate SEO as soon as possible for them to be able to compete with other B2B marketers. If they do not have the budget to hire SEO professionals, they can also start learning how to optimize their website on their own. Other options are to use widgets from social media networks to extend the reach of their online contents as far as possible. These widgets will allow the audience to follow B2B marketers on their social network accounts to engage in dynamic interaction with other users.

Since Business-to-Business marketers already have the best content, the most important thing they can do is to make their content visible for the taking. Great content plus effective search engine optimization equals successful marketing efforts by B2B marketers.

4 Effective Tips from the Most Successful Businessmen

Having success in one’s business is more than just advertising and selling products or services. To be highly effective in marketing there are proven techniques that can clearly bring in the revenue. At Creatus, we have taken some of the most successful businessmen in the world and asked them to systematically analyze how businesses run efficiently.

This is what they recommend:

Expert Advice

Businessmen must understand the importance of expert advice, and so they invest on these recommendations. This type of personal investment creates better business actions and leads to success. The opposite is true to how unsuccessful businessmen find themselves making major mistakes. They ultimately direct their business towards failure because they cut corners.

There are similar fallacies about small companies that blame their inability to afford expert advice from their limited funds, thinking that it’s the bigger companies that have the sufficient funds to do what is necessary to build their business. The truth behind these different opinions of small or large companies regarding their investing priorities stems from the lack of goals and empty thinking that they cannot afford expert advice. Their priorities cause their success or failure, so appropriating limits on goals and expert advice to achieve small accomplishments is a great way to lean towards success.

What we have here are examples of companies who engage in marketing without a business mindset that turns into a great risk for them. When they try to save on budgets and focus on the loss, they will definitely lose, but if they invest and believe that they will achieve something great, then they will certainly succeed.

Comfort Zones

Most people believe that it is only hard work that makes a business prosper. But that is not a correct belief or the key ingredient to success. Although all companies work hard, there is still a great difference on how they work which sets the gap of their success from other companies.

Those that are less successful are afraid to take risk and stay where it is more comfortable for them. By the time they are forced to move beyond their comfort zone, they find that they are unable to capitalize on new challenges and eventually stop the operation.

Successful businessmen work hard on what needs to be done while unsuccessful businessmen work hard inside their comfort zone. To be successful in business, there has to be a realization that one must step outside the normal area of operation to find ways to reach new boundaries and perimeters.


In marketing, businessmen know that they are valued differently. This is based on how they address the needs of the market and how this reflects back on the value of their associates. Successful businessmen have successful associates. They are fully aware of the impact of valuable associates because they make their company prosper.

Company reputation must be solid and therefore can reach the high expectations of its customers. When reputation grows, businesses find their sales increasing. This is essential for survival and will benefit the company in countless ways.


Successful businessmen know that there will always be mistakes from time to time. What matters most is how they handle these mistakes. If one can become a great learner about the actions that happens in their company, they find what is necessary to change and move on to improving their circumstances. In other words, they turn mistakes into something of value.

Keep in mind that these 4 effective tips will become a true asset to any company. Expert advice will help a company get a great business mindset and guide the company to success. Going beyond one’s own comfort zone is necessary to expand the business. Successful business associates will bring more success to the company as they quickly learn that whether they are dealing with success or failures, you cannot give up in order to achieve your goals.

To secure and invest on expert advice, go to Creatus Internet Marketing Agency at and avail their complete marketing solutions now.

SEO Blogging Tips

The search engine industry is getting tougher and tougher for websites to rank no matter what type of information is on your site. Algorithms and search-metric processes have made ranking one of the hardest strategies to factor in and fully understand.

Everyone knows that “Content is King”… but there is more. Content is definitely very important to the substance of what your website should contain, but now, to rank at the top of search engine pages, bloggers must also have “Quality Content” to make it in SEO rankings.

Certain ranking factors are needed to make your content relevant. PageRank was developed by Google to help them determine the importance of a web page. This is what factors in whether a page has relevance and importance over other pages. So, one of the first things you have to know is what quality content is and how to get it to rank higher in search engines. And second, you will find that over time, effective strategies will measure and finds the correlations that are prevalent to do so. Even though SEO techniques are getting harder for bloggers, here are some useful tips that are tested and tried.

  1. Utilize Archives and Categories

It’s the metrics of Google Analytics that measures ranking elements which are called PageRank and Domain Authority. Every page in the website has a PageRank. In order to change the PageRank, the website can use internal and external links to the page, and the Domain Authority or also called Domain Trust is the collection of PageRank and other elements of the website.

Domain authority is a major factor of determining the search engine ranking of the website. Unfortunately, the benefits of domain authority are not equal in every page of the site. Only the pages closer to the main page enjoy most of the benefits while those at the farthest get the least. In fact, Google algorithms limit the benefits of the domain authority to the pages that can be reached at 3 clicks maximum. There is only one way to optimize this. Google recommends that websites have as many categories and archive as possible within the 3 clicks rule.

By Doing This Action, It Will:

  • Create many categories and distribute the posts in these categories
  • Develop an archive page and link it to the header

To See a page’s importance using PageRank

You can use PageRank to see a page’s importance which Google calculates based on things like the number of links leading to that page. Pages with higher PageRank are more likely to appear at the top of Google search results.

Turn PageRank off and on

  • On the right side of the Toolbar, click the wrench icon
  • Go to the Privacy tab – Enhanced features.
  • To turn on PageRank, check the box next to “PageRank”. To turn it off, uncheck it.
  • Click Save.

See the importance of a page

Once you’ve turned on PageRank, follow these steps to see Google’s view of the importance of a page:

  • Point your cursor at the PageRank button on the Toolbar
  • A tooltip will appear with the PageRank score.

  1. Enable PageRank

In the past years, PageRank can be directed to the important page through rel=”nofollow” and robots.txt boosting the domain authority to the important pages.

Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore. Even with nofollow, PageRank will still be wasted. So technically speaking this is not a great tactic anymore.

On the other hand, PageRank will move conveniently when nofollow on internal links is removed and robot.txt is not used to block pages. Today, even the less important pages can contribute to the PageRank of the important pages.

When bloggers do not want their page to be indexed, they can use the meta “noindex, follow” which still allows the PageRank to circulate.

Action Taken Will Complete the Following:

  • Get rid of nofollow in the internal links

Pages like “terms of services” should be separated from robot.txt. To the pages which the bloggers do not want to appear in SERPS, yet allow the PageRank to pass through, “noindex, follow” is the best option.

  1. Link the Content Section

Google prefers organic links. Here are the links arrange according to how Google value them:

  • Content Section: This contains the most valuable links in the website.
  • Header: Organic links have more value than saleable links. Header has great value because most bloggers do not sell their head navigation links.
  • Side Navigation: Because of link exchange, link scheme and link marketing, this link does not have too great of a value for Google
  • Comment Sections: Quality comments could be valuable but because of the potential spam, this link becomes of lesser value to Google
  • Footer Links: This has no value at all

This Will Cause Action As:

  • Guest blogs will have great value and trading quality content for links

Generating one-way links through building relationships using social media sites is another great idea. If you want to increase your PageRank, it is important to have other people linked to your site as well as having back-links.

By using these SEO blogging tips, you will find measurable improvement with your website’s ranking. There are also directories that can help you with this. People will link your content if it is worth it. And don’t forget that quality content is number one when it comes to putting material out there.


Five Ways to Outshine Your Competition

Marketers know that it has always been tough competing with the competition. And at times find that it can be hard to keep up with your competitors and the industry as a whole. For new marketers, it doesn’t take long before realizing that it is tough to stay ahead of experienced competitors.

At Creatus, we continue to look for new ways and concrete solutions in order to be on top. Here are five proven ways to stay ahead of the tough competition on any niche:

  1. PRICE- People look for discounts to make their budget stretch while making the most out of their hard earned money. In fact, it is common for online consumers to compare prices with other competitors. Consumers follow growing trends and will certainly choose a product of the same value at a lower price.
  1. ADDED VALUE- Marketers have to understand that it’s not enough to sell just the product. If consumers can’t see the value in what they are buying, they will find another way to feel satisfied. By including some added value to your products like free shipping or added special offers during the purchase, this will guarantee a sale. Consumers will also be on the lookout for money back guarantees or free consultations because it adds that “extra something” to the value of their product. These offers are what makes the difference of a sale or a miss.
  1. CONVENIENCE- Who has the luxury of spending all day shopping for merchandise online? Consumers today find that they are too busy to spend a lot of time on a site searching for what they are looking to purchase. They want fast and immediate service as well as finding answers to satisfy their questions and needs. If your consumer has an easy shopping experience, it will be a stress-free attempt to purchase from you, and will find that they are returning time and time again. Marketers must put value in their products for their customers if they are to give them convenient and gratifying shopping experiences. Besides, it is a great way to stay ahead of the competition.
  1. TRUST- Smart shoppers are not only looking at the brand or the profile of the owners, they are taking the recommendations from their friends and acquaintances before they make a purchase. It is essential to let your consumers know that a company can be trusted while caring for their wants and needs. This is where a vital marketing strategy comes into place with testimonials and reviews about products‒ along with how satisfied other customers are with their purchases. It’s all about giving a reason to believe in the company.
  1. CONSCIENCE- Companies should look for ways to show their charitable side. Consumers look for those businesses that are interested in helping others by hosting charitable campaigns or giving a portion of their income to charity’s to provide for less fortunate people. It also proves worthy to see companies involved in local activities like sponsoring or hosting local events that are close to the heart.

The above tips are not the only effective ways of outshining the competition. It is up to the company to test which of these marketing strategies benefit them best.

The Three B’s for Generating Leads

It does not matter what type of business you have or the location of it to generate solid leads. But to generate concrete leads is a fundamental for growing a successful business. Generating leads for your company are important because they help you gain prospects, find new clients, and earn higher profits. Companies are always trying to find new ways to generate more leads that will make them more successful. Here are three ways you can build your business and successfully generate more leads: Buy- Bribe- Borrow.

To some of you those three words may sound a little fuzzy to you. But with a little explanation, you will understand exactly what it all means. Let’s start out with:

  • BUY- Buying simply means that companies will likely pay for its marketing advertisements with billboards, radio ads, or television ads. Anyone can certainly find multiple ads as some businesses put out more advertisements than others. In the end, it is just a way to buy the attention of the market. This is a crucial fundamental for any business especially if the company wants to generate more leads, then they have to spend more money with paid advertisements.
  • BRIBING- This is merely an act of giving something in an effort to cause a particular action in return. With online businesses, we are talking about companies that offer discounts and other free offers to gain the interest of the customer. It could be a coupon, a free eBook, email course, newsletter, or a video tutorial. This strategy works because it doesn’t cost a lot of time and effort, and the only exchange taking place is the time it takes to enter the contact information for the subscription to your offer. After organizing the offer, businesses are able to generate new leads each day as more people are getting interested in what you’re offering. Within a small amount of time, companies can generate hundreds if not thousands of qualified prospects. This is a simple and sound business strategy commonly referred as “earning leads” and will enhance interest for new clients.
  • BORROWING LEADS- It can be cumbersome to try and earn leads one at a time. By borrowing leads, you are able to generate large numbers of leads in the hundreds or thousands in a short amount of time. This is done by setting up a partnership with one or more business companies that share the same market. After an agreement is made with another partner company, the partner company will send out endorsements for the other company to its existing customers and vice versa. At times, reputation is hard to earn. Having this type of marketing strategy will increase the leads of a company exponentially and broaden its brand recognition and increase sales profits.

Bing Search Engine Innovations

For those who are working on websites, it is time to be prepared for any changes that will ultimately become an advantage for the company. This means that necessary strategies must be known and understood to properly engage with online marketing techniques that are proven to be successful.

Just like other search engines, Bing places an importance on domain names. These names must contain the exact keyword phrase that the website is trying to achieve in ranking. This is why it is essential to create domain names with the same name as the keyword phrase. However, most of the time it is not possible for the domain name because it has already been taken. To solve this problem, it is recommended that the company should purchase the domain name having the keyword phrase, fill it with relevant contents, and just link it to the main website.

Other useful search engine innovation strategies include:

  • Building links is an important organic SEO strategy that will hold great value in all search engines.
  • Bing’s webmaster tools are similar to other webmaster tools. This aids webmasters to determine how Bing ranks and indexes its website and any other websites.
  • Blended search results should be focused by marketers when trying to rank on Bing. This means that contents in other forms such as video, images, and maps receive more value from other search engines. These types of formats are very effective for marketing.
  • Capitalize on the related search menu that is on the left side of search pages since people frequently use them as shortcuts for their searches.

Now is the time to prepare for innovation. As search engines compete for the market, Internet industry is expecting to see some pretty tough competition between search engine companies. Creatus understands content compatibility, and recognizes how to distinguish authority and weed out what is not needed. With our strong approach in handling mobile content, we see the innovation on both sides to make certain that your business can optimize search engine strategies to your advantage.

Engage in Search Engine

Content is what drives the Internet. Every day, that emphasis grows as Internet marketers are relying more and more on online content to drive their traffic, and to build the success of their business. Everything that is done with the Internet can be profitable while making your business visible.

Now days, it’s not so much about the quantity of content that is flooding the Internet, but the quality. Every marketing strategy should include great content because of search engine algorithms are getting more particular at indexing and ranking content. When you have great content, it is easily shared, and people will visit, subscribe, and share this valuable content with others.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a vague term to describe a form of Internet marketing which makes profits by the visibility of a website in search engine result pages (SERPs). There are many ways of increasing a websites search visibility. The most common techniques are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid placement, contextual advertising and paid inclusion. Each of these methods aims to promote a websites search visibility.

One of the primary reasons why Search Engine Tools offers SEM is because a lot of website companies are willing to pay a great amount just to direct the traffic of their website and increase their business profits.

The three biggest SEM companies are Microsoft, Yahoo and Google. There are also third parties who are capitalizing on search engine marketing. Internet marketing agencies can provide services‒ more than just using SEO. They rely on SEO techniques to increase the search visibility of a website and can link the website to the search engine tools while managing different strategies to increase search visibility for companies.

Search engine experts are constantly trying to generate the most suitable definition of Search Engine Marketing while debates about ethical issues are still in the air especially on paid search advertising.

The first issue is the way of determining the ranking of paid search advertising. When two websites are tied because of the amount they are paying, how will Google or Yahoo arrange their rankings on search result pages? The usage of SEM also presents an issue to the market. Being influenced by their marketing interest, Internet marketing accepts the exclusive usage of SEM for those Pay per Click advertising which is different from Search Engine Optimization and Search Retargeting.

And finally, Internet marketing runs across the globe which means that there are instances that two or more companies will have the same brand. This is a problem regarding on which website or company will be the landing page of a brand search. Companies with the same brand will have to compete for their brand. In other words, in order to be first in the list when the company brand is being searched, third parties will have to bid to acquire the landing page of the brand search. It will generate more profit to the search engine tools while questioning the credibility of a specific trademark.

By optimizing your content, you can increase web traffic and grow your business globally. That is why search engine marketing is still a complex part of Internet marketing, and Creatus understands what methods are required to be successful in this field.

Companies hire Internet marketing agencies such as Creatus to manage their websites to put it at the top of the search list and ensure that they have the authority in searches and ranking. For further SEM consultation, go to .

Avoid 2 Major Radio Commercial Mistakes to Generate Maximum Profit

There are many factors that greatly influence the effects of advertising for a company since there is no assurance in any type of advertising. Once in a while there will business ads that are not their best and will have a minor effect on the business. Actually, there are two major mistakes a radio commercial can commit that affect the sales pitch of the company.

The Ad Is Too Cute

To most consumers, they wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly what the mistake was in the ad, but they will feel the effect of this mistake because they lacked interest or completely ignored what the product advertisement was about. And even though they can’t narrow down the reason, the result is evident.

The first problem here is that it took too long for the listener to identify the product which can be devastating to the company’s profits and prospects. However, for advertisements that contain a lot of flimflam and seem way too cute, the listeners will be confused on what the radio commercial is about. Although it is good to have some descriptive words in the ad to entice listeners, it shouldn’t be the main content of the radio commercial.

It’s best to remember that the main part of the commercial is the product information. After listening to the ad, the listener should be able to clearly identify the product and brand that is being promoted. This should cause a strong reason to continue listening until the end of the advertisement‒ since the listener is unable to resist hearing more. For any type of business, this is the ideal radio advertisement.

An entertaining ad is good, but an information rich commercial is a lot better. Listeners don’t want to be annoyed or left in awe and confusion. If the listeners will find no reason to call, then the ad has failed and will lead to the second major mistake in radio advertising.

Lack of Call to Action

Consumers have to have a reason to take action. With a newfound interest in the company, the consumer will call the hotline, visit the company store, or browse the website to peak their interest. Even though consumers know you exist, you have to leave them with a strong reason and desire to take the first step to interact with the company.

One of the best ways to give the customers a reason to act is by giving them special offers. Everyone loves to get something for free, so this is the place to begin. Offer free consultations, coupons, information, newsletter subscriptions or a free lunch as it will give you a guarantee that these customers will have multiple reasons to contact the company.

It is important to be precise when you are giving these discounts. Instead of giving a 15% discount which the consumer has to calculate, give them the dollar figure of the exact amount they will be saving. This will make an irresistible offer to the clients and simplify the thought process of the listener.

Radio commercial is about communicating with your customers. Honesty and sincerity is the best way to increase brand awareness and reputation of the company. For more tips in avoiding major commercial mistakes, consult Creatus Internet Marketing Agency at and learn more about the ways to success in marketing.