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Video is one of the hottest trends in website marketing and product promotion for a good reason. Simple put, it drives data to big dollars. There are over 42 billion online videos view in the United States every month. There are some cutting edge retailers and business that are recognizing the power of online multimedia for boosting traffic to their websites and increasing sales. They use companies like Creatus to help promote their online internet videos using video seo techniques to rank on the search engines. Video marketing has emerged as one of the more successful promotional options for internet marketers to explore and for good reason. Video marketing can deliver tremendous results with relatively minimal cost.

Video SEO and Distribution Helps Expand Marketing Success Potential

The written and the spoken word can be impactful but nothing is as impactful as a strong, moving, visual image. When promoting a product or service on the web, a well crafted video can deliver such a tremendous visual image which can deliver highly effective results.

Well crafted and designed video marketing can drive an enormous amount of traffic to a website. We know it is a successful method of driving traffic and boosting sales. We know this because there are tens of billions of promotional videos online effectively delivering results. And with the 42 billion videos being watched 82% of those web users have watched an online video advertisement.

Video SEO and Distribution Strategies Work

However, it is important to point out that no matter how well produced or original a promotional video may be or how great the product or service the video promotes is, the video will not be of much help if no one sees it. Simply placing the video online will not be enough. The site or platform in which it is being hosted on must be optimized effectively for the web. As such, video SEO and distribution must be a priority.

This means traffic has to be driven to where the video is hosted in order for the video to actually expand your company’s sales. To achieve this result, effective video SEO strategies must be employed in order to attain the desired result.

There are quite a few steps which can be undertaken to expand your video’s ability to be found in the major search engines such as Yahoo! and Google. Once the videos are indexed by the search engine crawlers those people who are using the search engines to find products and services will be able to come across your promotional video.

The more venues in which the video is presented will also play a role in its ability to reach an audience. That means submit to other video sharing sites in addition to Youtube. Effective distribution of the videos on all the major and many of the minor file sharing sites must be undertaken. For a video to reach the widest audience possible, it must be presented on as many file sharing sites as possible. Once a deliberate strategy to place the videos on the many different file sharing sites is in place, all of the different sites the video is presented will be individually indexed by the various search engines. This means more and more people will have the potential to see it.

Well thought out video SEO and distribution tactics can be employed in order to increase the video’s presence in the search engines. Link building would be one of these strategies. Proper research into and selections of keywords will also play a major role in how well ranked the video is in the search engines.

Professionals Can Expand Video SEO and Distribution Marketing Potential

A solid video SEO strategy undertaken by experienced professionals will not only cover all of these critical aspects and institute many other effective ones. Once such a process is undertaken, your video marketing plan will reap the many different rewards this approach can deliver.

Such rewards are quite diverse and can certainly help your business venture quite significantly. For example, it has been determined through research that a significant increase in page views will be gained from traffic driven by a video marketing strategy. While this is beneficial on its own, there is another added benefit that video marketing delivers that might not be found with other approaches. Namely, the amount of time the visitors stay on the page will be much longer. The reason for this is that when a visitor sees the video, the potential to be more intrigued by what the website is promoting is enhanced. This can lead to the visitors staying on the website longer which has the added benefit of increasing the potential for the visitor to be converted into a customer.

Once again, this can all be enhanced through proper video SEO and distribution of your promotional videos. The videos do have to be seen by the largest possible audience in order to be effective. Through working with talented and experienced professionals, you can greatly increase the potential for such an outcome.