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What is PPC?

PPC or pay per click advertisements are those advertisements that can be seen on the top as well as on the side of web pages that come up when you search for information on search engines such as Yahoo!, Google, Bing, etc.

How Does PPC Work?

Unlike Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is an Internet advertisement model that effectively directs traffic to various websites. The advertisers make payments to the publisher (ie google) when someone clicks on the advertisement. It also helps webmasters decide as to which keywords attract customers most.

Typically, advertisers bid on keyword phrases that are applicable to their target market segment. However, content websites usually charge a fixed price for each click.

Can PPC Ads My Compliment SEO Efforts?

The advantage of using PPC advertisements is that they start driving traffic immediately after the campaign is set up. In the case of SEO campaigns that are newly initiated, it may take about 3 to 6 months before clients start to see results. The PPC management services offered by Creatus can immediately direct targeted traffic to the client’s website and determine the keyword combinations that provide the best results in terms of conversions and clickthrough rates. This is to say that during the time period taken by the search engine optimization (SEO) efforts to bear fruits, PPC ads help clients’ Internet businesses take off smoothly. 

Why Choose Creatus in Managing my PPC?

You may feel that opening a Google AdWords or Microsoft ad Center account and running a campaign is easier. It is not really that easy as poor management can lead to disastrous outcomes. This is because it is very important to carry out extensive and ongoing analysis to precisely understand the nuances of the market place. Creatus’s efficient PPC services free you from all these headaches to help you focus on running your business. 

We focus on creating value through strategic planning, testing, optimization and finding ways to continuously improve campaigns. We also focus on setting new records every month in order do away with the mentality of doing something once and then forgetting about it as this attitude can slow down marketing efforts. 

We firmly believe that it is the combination of human expertise and technological excellence that drive sustaining paid search results. In our experience, it is the hands-on management that has made us what we are today and making advertising and marketing appealing to the emotions of the searcher ensures success.

It may be possible to generate ad solutions on the computer and statistically determine which one is better. However, it is not prudent to depend only on this completely as it is not possible for technology to determine the ‘why’ and suggest an alternative option that can perform better. In fact, managing a successful PPC campaign is much more than just managing bids. It involves combining keyword research skills, expertise in copy writing and optimization of conversion and helping you achieve your business goals.

We firmly believe that effective PPC advertisements can contribute to significant increase in traffic to your website in a short period of time. Further, Creatus with expertise in all forms of Internet marketing has the ability and the tools in its arsenal to help you enhance your profits from advertisements.