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Redhead Express Video Shoot in Oregon

Creatus joined up for three days in October with the ever talented Redhead Express for yet a second video shoot. Did you know that you can capture some incredible video footage even in stormy weather?

That’s exactly what happened for the Redhead Express as they got busy working on yet another music video. Everything about this, about being in Oregon and along the coast was spectacular. It was easy to find some of the best places to film, but this time it posed more of a challenge as the weather decided to grow cold and rainy, making it more difficult to get video in-between the stormy weather. Nevertheless, the views were beautiful as the whole crew was able to stay on schedule to get everything finished on time.

One of the best parts of filming was going to see the lighthouse. Heceta Head Lighthouse was enchanting‒ making it hard to choose exactly where to shoot the music video. Oregon is beautiful country to be in. The Redhead Express had a blast teaming up with Creatus to complete the job.