Creatus knows that one of the fastest ways to gain exposure for any size business is through video. In fact, people remember 70% of what they see and hear when it is combined in a video, making video the number one choice to reach audiences. Video marketing has definitely made a positive impact on businesses, so the sooner you begin pre-production for your video, the better it will be for the success of your own business.

Generating a video is more than just aiming a camera. Creatus understands all the fundamentals that go into pre-planning for a professional looking video, but there is more than just coming up with an idea. It’s about presenting your pitch, creating a storyboard, finding props, and a good film location. We strategize the logistics before the camera ever starts rolling.

We take your idea and effectively develop your story to share with the world. Never worry about choosing the right camera, getting the right audio, shooting techniques, or the behind the scene details. Our skilled professionals at Creatus can take the worry out of your next video production as they turn your concept into a reality.

The results you get are cutting-edge video content. Creatus knows that the most important part of creating a video starts with the pre-production phase. We take pride in a job well done as we meet all your marketing needs.