Vid Summit LA

The YouTube Mega Training was one of the biggest events to happen this year. For three days, the YouTube Masters were there to teach all kinds of information about online advertising, making money with YouTube, and YouTube conversions. What an amazing time it was for Derral Eves to be with David Walsh, Gideon Shalwick, James […]

YouTube Spaces

We went out to YouTube spaces in October. During our trip there we planned on meeting David Walsh and Gideon Shalwick (big YouTubers who are YouTube certified in audience growth) to make a collaboration video about YouTube, and to be uploaded to YouTube. The building is beautiful and is constantly busy with new people arriving […]

Creatus Teams Up With The Redhead Express in Alaska

From August 27th to September 3rd, Creatus did an exclusive music video shoot with the Redhead Express for one of their upcoming music videos. And there is no better way to see the magnificent beauties of the state of Alaska and listen to four beautiful women sing country music. The whole crew was involved in […]