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MoonLight Shoot

Amy Guess came on May 5th to film her music video for her original song, MoonLight. For the shoot, Creatus rented out a tele-lense canon 800mm which can be pricey. As they envisioned the full moon shot and planned the shoot from dusk to dawn, one thing caught the crew off guard. Heavy storms passed through that night making the shoot extremely difficult. Thus, causing a literal rain check a month later to capture the full moon with good weather.

About a month later, Creatus once again met up with the others and left for Las Vegas to start for the second shoot. The crew used apps on their smart-phones to locate where the moon would rise and around what time. Once they found out the location, they set-up shop in the hot desert and waited for the talent to arrive. When Amy and her crew arrived, they tested the shots so they would get the moon in the shot. Amy wanted a “Trickster” (a person who can throw flips and tricks) to flip in front of the full-moon. The shot would only have 30 seconds or less to get the actor in frame and be able to land the trick around the moon. Not to mention all the gear had to be on point as well. When the time came, the moon shot went exactly how they hoped it would. The trickster was seen doing a back-flip with his feet wrapped around the entire moon! They used a RED Cam with the Canon 800mm lense.

The next stop was Mount Charleston, just outside of Las Vegas. However, this posed new problems because of how cold it was. Vegas was low 90’s when they left, but Mount Charleston was below 50 degrees. Everyone was dressed for summer and wasn’t prepared for the cold weather. They ended up getting all the shots they needed with fog machines and epic lights with the full-moon. After that, the team went to an old reservoir outside of Vegas, with a glowing desert from the moonlight. They finished up just in time as the sun was rising.