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Five Ways to Outshine Your Competition

Marketers know that it has always been tough competing with the competition. And at times find that it can be hard to keep up with your competitors and the industry as a whole. For new marketers, it doesn’t take long before realizing that it is tough to stay ahead of experienced competitors.

At Creatus, we continue to look for new ways and concrete solutions in order to be on top. Here are five proven ways to stay ahead of the tough competition on any niche:

  1. PRICE- People look for discounts to make their budget stretch while making the most out of their hard earned money. In fact, it is common for online consumers to compare prices with other competitors. Consumers follow growing trends and will certainly choose a product of the same value at a lower price.
  1. ADDED VALUE- Marketers have to understand that it’s not enough to sell just the product. If consumers can’t see the value in what they are buying, they will find another way to feel satisfied. By including some added value to your products like free shipping or added special offers during the purchase, this will guarantee a sale. Consumers will also be on the lookout for money back guarantees or free consultations because it adds that “extra something” to the value of their product. These offers are what makes the difference of a sale or a miss.
  1. CONVENIENCE- Who has the luxury of spending all day shopping for merchandise online? Consumers today find that they are too busy to spend a lot of time on a site searching for what they are looking to purchase. They want fast and immediate service as well as finding answers to satisfy their questions and needs. If your consumer has an easy shopping experience, it will be a stress-free attempt to purchase from you, and will find that they are returning time and time again. Marketers must put value in their products for their customers if they are to give them convenient and gratifying shopping experiences. Besides, it is a great way to stay ahead of the competition.
  1. TRUST- Smart shoppers are not only looking at the brand or the profile of the owners, they are taking the recommendations from their friends and acquaintances before they make a purchase. It is essential to let your consumers know that a company can be trusted while caring for their wants and needs. This is where a vital marketing strategy comes into place with testimonials and reviews about products‒ along with how satisfied other customers are with their purchases. It’s all about giving a reason to believe in the company.
  1. CONSCIENCE- Companies should look for ways to show their charitable side. Consumers look for those businesses that are interested in helping others by hosting charitable campaigns or giving a portion of their income to charity’s to provide for less fortunate people. It also proves worthy to see companies involved in local activities like sponsoring or hosting local events that are close to the heart.

The above tips are not the only effective ways of outshining the competition. It is up to the company to test which of these marketing strategies benefit them best.