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Web Design & Development

Creatus, leader in Utah website design and development, is now offering their valuable services to site owners nationwide. Creatus clients have enjoyed the benefits of expert web design and development from Creatus. Website owners have seen substantial increases in their site traffic which have led to corresponding expansions in sales through working with Creatus. Browse through the services we offer below or contact us today for a complementary consultation regarding all your web design and development needs.

We have offered our Utah clients the following web development services:

Website Design - Whether you need a brand new website or are ready to enlist our help in re-designing your current site, we are ready to work with you. We work on the belief that search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to every website and design with this philosophy in mind. Further, implementing user-friendly content management systems we are able to provide our customers with websites that they can change and update whenever they want or need to.

Blog Creation – Blogs offer website owners two main advantages: client relations and more search engine visibility. Use your blog to establish and build trusting relationships with your client base while availing of a platform for long tail SEO. Over time you will experience increased traffic from your blog because of this opportunity for maximizing long tail SEO as well as implementing back links to your site’s content. Read more about our SEO approach and philosophy.

Web Consulting – We pride ourselves in keeping up to date with all the latest trends and developments in website design. We analyze the trends and implement the ones that will work for you. Creatus is also happy to consult with your in-house developers regarding the developments that will be beneficial to you. We will work to ensure that your team is aware of all the constant changes in web design and fully able to implement these changes to enhance your site.

Custom Web Application Development – Our Utah web design clients have availed of our custom web applications. We offer everything from modules to customer reporting systems and we can tailor all of these to suit your company. This customization may be unique to your company, your field, or even your locale.

Website Migrations – Not all web hosts are created equal. We can assist you in determining whether your current web host is best for your site or if you would be better off migrating to another host. Creatus will also move your site and anything that goes with it, such as email. This process will be as quick and smooth as possible to guarantee that your site experiences little down time.

Website Design

You know that first impressions are important. On the web, this first impression takes place in a matter of seconds. Creatus’s creative team of skilled site designers is committed to making lasting impressions that will convince potential customers to stay on your site. While we know that SEO is vital, we believe visitor accessibility is equally important. Your customer’s will find that your site offers all the information they could need in an easy to navigate format.

Search Engine Friendly Design

While a great looking website is a must, that website must be seen by visitor to produce results. Visitors will find your site through search engines. Search engines must be able to find, crawl and index your site in order to produce it to potential clients searching for you. Creatus works to insure that your site will be found by search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing and delivered to your future customers. We do this by implementing SEO techniques at the start of your site’s design. Even if we are modifying your current website, SEO will be our primary consideration in any design changes. Of course, as we mentioned above, your site will also always remain visitor-friendly.

We provide the following service to all our business website clients:

– A thorough initial strategic evaluation

– Graphic design (to include logo)

– Site layout

– Thorough research for keywords

– SEO code optimization for each page of your site

– Designated site email accounts

– Professional content writing services

– Internal link review

– Optional web hosting service

Contact Creatus today to learn what we can do to make your website work for you. We are happy to consult with you regarding our services and your needs.