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Derral Reaches 200,000+ YouTube Subscribers

Derral’s YouTube channel recently surpassed 200,000 subscribers, accomplishing a goal he set for himself two years ago. With this subscription milestone, Derral decided to give back to his viewers by hosting a live Q&A session: 200 minutes for 200,000.

Derral’s crew put together a special filming set right in his office to optimize the live taping with in-house equipment. The session included a live-roll commenting thread where viewers could say or ask anything. Derral answered viewers’ questions about YouTube and even his personal life. He also did shout-outs and instantaneous channel reviews for a handful of lucky subscribers.

Viewers of the live video were given the opportunity to enter Derral’s giveaway for a free 200-minute channel evaluation. Four separate winners were chosen and will have rare and invaluable one-on-one evaluations with Derral.

Derral is excited to reach milestones and accomplish his goals, but his passion for YouTube and video creating and marketing never rests, and he already has his sights set on hitting his next big goal.