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Derral Eves Guest Speaker on Saturday Cup of Joe

In today’s world of social networking, every once in a while it’s a lot of fun to hang-out with the guys and discuss the events of the day through a live webcast.

Lemmy Moore, host of Saturday Cup of Joe, invited two of his associates, Derral Eves and Bill Walsh to talk about where video and video marketing is leading to. The discussion quickly turned to social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, and where video is going in the next 3 to 5 years‒ here are some of the things that were highlighted.

Video Is Growing Exponentially

After knowing the inner workings of social media, especially what’s evolving with YouTube, Derral Eves discussed several issues that are crucial to online success by using video as a marketing tool. He started out by discussing how video is going mobile, live, and will be more intimate or familiar, meaning that it will draw in more of a social element.

YouTube’s making way for bigger and better things as they prepare for an announcement this summer. Since YouTube introduced Live Events, algorithms have been going through the roof. They are preparing for the next wave of cutting-edge technology‒ which is video. “There’s so much more than just ranking,” Eves said, “now that Live Events are becoming more popular. Believe it or not, now you have to add in algorithms and other SEO including viewer engagement and watch time to be successful on social media platforms,” Eves concluded.

Techniques and methods are becoming more defined. Video marketing is rapidly and very quickly dominating the world. To generate traffic, creators must have a top-notch marketing campaign along with the know-how to produce high quality video. But it’s the know-how that hangs people up when it comes to being successful. So, that is why there had to be something more to offer content creators.

Learn from the Masters at VidSummit 2015

After attending tons of different events to find that magic formula for success, Derral Eves realized that he couldn’t ever get everything he needed in just one conference. Because of this, Derral decided it was time for a change and became the founder of the VidSummit. This is a conference held each year in Los Angeles, which includes everything that a creator needs to know and understand in order to grow online businesses and become successful while doing it. Included in this event is what you need to know about Audience Development, Advertising, Driving Traffic, Science Behind Online Marketing, Video, and Media Production. And all of this comes from the world’s top YouTube marketing experts. VidSummit is hands down the best way to teach and train people how to continually seek out the most up-to-date information, to always stay ahead of the curve. It focuses exclusively on the industry as a whole. Nothing is left out. “This event really makes you think,” added Bill Walsh. “It is the place to change the way you do things, and do them right.”

The VidSummit is the type of event that pulls back the curtain and gives people the know-how to make video more engaging. There are VIP sessions along with an exclusive Master Mind session for attendees to brainstorm ideas. “It’s a great place to learn cutting-edge techniques and methods for online video success from the best in the industry. The speakers include Jeffery Harmon, Dane Golden, Ricky Ray Butler, Travis Chambers, Allison Stern, Jake Larsen, and Gideon Shalwick to name a few. I can’t name them all, but this is just a few of the world’s top experts that attend the VidSummit,” Derral added.

It’s clear from this Live Event held at Saturday Morning Cup of Joe that video is now one of the most vital components for online success. Video is, right now, the hottest topic for online marketers. As you can see, video is new and inventive. It is vital for marketing success so you’re ready as a creator to join the year of video marketing.