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Creatus Team Works with Client to Create 50 Videos

“To sum up Derral’s Youtube video channel creation program: it is a complete turn-key solution that formulates, creates and launches your Youtube channel with clear focus and a full year’s worth of content-rich rocket fuel. I am now ready for success-onward and upward. Thanks again for your genius, Derral.”

Brian Rasmus

Creatus teamed up with their client, Brian Rasmus, to produce 50 videos for his insurance website. After seeing how limitless Creatus was with their latest cutting edge techniques and quality online promotion, Brian sat down with the team and created a plan to maximize his video exposure for his own website along with reaching out on social media platforms.

Since there are hundreds of videos posted to YouTube every minute, it is important to stand out from the competition. The Creatus team helped Brian understand this, made a plan, and set goals to help him achieve this.

With every aspect of the production phase of his videos, Brian was excited to let his unique content stand out from the other businesses similar to his. He is eager to release a video on his site each week to increase traffic to his website and give his clients the information that they are looking for. Now Brian’s insurance videos are easily accessible for tablet and smartphone users, along with other devices, explaining the latest information on the insurance plans he sells.

Video has taken over the marketing industry. And with video, brands can gain a stronger online presence, build brand awareness, and grow their community with just a 30-90 second video. Creatus recognizes that video is vital to promoting products and services. The Creatus team takes the time to understand and know all of the specifics of making video‒ it’s an essential part of making any online marketing strategy effective and successful.