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Our Approach

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What We Do for You

We drive high-quality traffic to your website to help you realize a significant return on your investment (ROI). Creatus can help you tap into the huge amount of traffic from popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Beyond these we can also help you attract the traffic from many other websites that are relevant to your products or services and so may share in the same target audiences and markets.

Our goal, at Creatus, is to get you more “buyers” — people who are searching for precisely the products or services you offeras opposed to “shoppers” who are just browsing on the web. We are quite good at what we do, and we can help your company build value and get a good ROI. 

what_imgThe Fusion of Expertise

Our expertise is limited to what we do best: getting top quality web traffic to flow through your website. But when it comes to your business, there is no other expert but you. There is an excellent opportunity for us to fuse our strengths into a solid partnership that can drive your business to the next level.

There are many ways we can work with you; we can take on a specific role focused on a narrow set of goals and tasks over a short period of time, or we can take on a long-term business relationship aimed at realizing long-term business objectives. Or there may be various strategic arrangements we can explore between these two points. 

Regardless of the arrangement you desire, we will be working hard to ensure that you attain the business objectives you have set.

Creatus Promise:  Keeping It Real

While it may be easy and even fashionable to pomise you the sun, the moon and the stars, when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) we need to set the correct expectations. SEO may not be “rocket surgery”, but neither is it easy. Search engines are constantly weeding out web spam and tactics that result in too much growth, too soon. It is a well known fact that Google even changes its internal operations constantly to throw off irresponsible and reckless attempts at exploiting its huge traffic potential.

For these reasons there is no single, “one-size-fits-all” approach to effective SEO. The SEO solution for you needs to be a customized search marketing campaign suited to your specific business requirements.

Two-Way Learning Experience

To provide you with the best SEO and marketing services, we understand that we need to understand your business and the marketing messages you want to communicate to your prospects and customers. We do not carry out SEO for its own sake; it has to be undertaken with very firm marketing objectives in mind. You will provide us with these objectives and we will make sure that these are fulfilled.

There may be instances when we find that we may not be the right partners for your business goals. In the rare eventuality that this may be the case, we will make sure to communicate this with you and help you find a more suitable provider. As business people like yourself, we can only succeed if we can help you succeed.

Learning is a two-way street, and just as we will strive to learn what we need to in order to help you succeed, we also expect that you will have questions about how and why we do the things we need to do for you. We believe in utmost transparency, and welcome the opportunity to explain to you how our online search marketing campaigns contribute to your marketing success. If there is ever any aspect or detail that is not clear to you, you simply need to ask us, and we will take the time to share our knowledge with you, especially pertaining to your campaigns.

Foundation for Business Excellence

Just like you, we are serious about running our business. We understand that for us to succeed, we must help you succeed. Our business practices are sound and ethical. We will never compromise our customers for our own short-term gain. Our desire is to build a long-term and lasting business relationship with your company. We are the best at what we do, and we believe we can help you build value and realize significant ROI.