SEO Blogging Tips

The search engine industry is getting tougher and tougher for websites to rank no matter what type of information is on your site. Algorithms and search-metric processes have made ranking one of the hardest strategies to factor in and fully understand.

Everyone knows that “Content is King”… but there is more. Content is definitely very important to the substance of what your website should contain, but now, to rank at the top of search engine pages, bloggers must also have “Quality Content” to make it in SEO rankings.

Certain ranking factors are needed to make your content relevant. PageRank was developed by Google to help them determine the importance of a web page. This is what factors in whether a page has relevance and importance over other pages. So, one of the first things you have to know is what quality content is and how to get it to rank higher in search engines. And second, you will find that over time, effective strategies will measure and finds the correlations that are prevalent to do so. Even though SEO techniques are getting harder for bloggers, here are some useful tips that are tested and tried.

  1. Utilize Archives and Categories

It’s the metrics of Google Analytics that measures ranking elements which are called PageRank and Domain Authority. Every page in the website has a PageRank. In order to change the PageRank, the website can use internal and external links to the page, and the Domain Authority or also called Domain Trust is the collection of PageRank and other elements of the website.

Domain authority is a major factor of determining the search engine ranking of the website. Unfortunately, the benefits of domain authority are not equal in every page of the site. Only the pages closer to the main page enjoy most of the benefits while those at the farthest get the least. In fact, Google algorithms limit the benefits of the domain authority to the pages that can be reached at 3 clicks maximum. There is only one way to optimize this. Google recommends that websites have as many categories and archive as possible within the 3 clicks rule.

By Doing This Action, It Will:

  • Create many categories and distribute the posts in these categories
  • Develop an archive page and link it to the header

To See a page’s importance using PageRank

You can use PageRank to see a page’s importance which Google calculates based on things like the number of links leading to that page. Pages with higher PageRank are more likely to appear at the top of Google search results.

Turn PageRank off and on

  • On the right side of the Toolbar, click the wrench icon
  • Go to the Privacy tab – Enhanced features.
  • To turn on PageRank, check the box next to “PageRank”. To turn it off, uncheck it.
  • Click Save.

See the importance of a page

Once you’ve turned on PageRank, follow these steps to see Google’s view of the importance of a page:

  • Point your cursor at the PageRank button on the Toolbar
  • A tooltip will appear with the PageRank score.

  1. Enable PageRank

In the past years, PageRank can be directed to the important page through rel=”nofollow” and robots.txt boosting the domain authority to the important pages.

Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore. Even with nofollow, PageRank will still be wasted. So technically speaking this is not a great tactic anymore.

On the other hand, PageRank will move conveniently when nofollow on internal links is removed and robot.txt is not used to block pages. Today, even the less important pages can contribute to the PageRank of the important pages.

When bloggers do not want their page to be indexed, they can use the meta “noindex, follow” which still allows the PageRank to circulate.

Action Taken Will Complete the Following:

  • Get rid of nofollow in the internal links

Pages like “terms of services” should be separated from robot.txt. To the pages which the bloggers do not want to appear in SERPS, yet allow the PageRank to pass through, “noindex, follow” is the best option.

  1. Link the Content Section

Google prefers organic links. Here are the links arrange according to how Google value them:

  • Content Section: This contains the most valuable links in the website.
  • Header: Organic links have more value than saleable links. Header has great value because most bloggers do not sell their head navigation links.
  • Side Navigation: Because of link exchange, link scheme and link marketing, this link does not have too great of a value for Google
  • Comment Sections: Quality comments could be valuable but because of the potential spam, this link becomes of lesser value to Google
  • Footer Links: This has no value at all

This Will Cause Action As:

  • Guest blogs will have great value and trading quality content for links

Generating one-way links through building relationships using social media sites is another great idea. If you want to increase your PageRank, it is important to have other people linked to your site as well as having back-links.

By using these SEO blogging tips, you will find measurable improvement with your website’s ranking. There are also directories that can help you with this. People will link your content if it is worth it. And don’t forget that quality content is number one when it comes to putting material out there.


5 Ways for Immediate Success in Social Media Marketing

Now is the time to be involved with social media marketing‒ in one way or another. In fact, businesses will find it harder to compete and survive their mainstream competition unless they are fully engaged with these very important marketing techniques. And with all of the common mistakes and roadblocks that are associated with social media marketing, it proves wise to hold fast to the tools and methods that have been verified to work.

1. It’s important to not only attract a clearly defined audience by creating high quality content, but to make your content user-friendly. This ultimately builds upon your target audience, creates a great relationship, and will encourage more social engagement and conversation on your website or YouTube channel. Your brand has to be attractive, informative, and believable. By leaving your audience feeling satisfied in what they are looking for, you will find more engagement by your viewers and ultimately grow your business.

2. By creating share-worthy content, your viewers will share with others they are connected to. This creates more exposure for your brand while gaining new prospects and future clients. Posting and sharing worthy content will increase your recognition among others as it gives your target audience something meaningful to share.

3. Having a close relationship with your audience is a good reason to highlight your viewers and special guests. These people are your greatest assets, and by taking the time to acknowledge their presence will leave them excited and also get them talking. When you can do little things for your audience such as answer emails or leave comments, it gives them a feeling of importance. You could say that engaging in conversation with social media also generates more leads and increases revenue.

4. Successful Internet marketing is a combination of integrating great content with the right social media tools. There is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to promoting and interacting with audiences because every audience is unique. Interlinking content from one website to other sites is an important way to provide alternatives for your audience to engage. Try different techniques to see which ones work best for your social media sites.

5. Take time to get things done right. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, only find what feels right for your business and work according to the goals and values of the company. Using analytics is one of the best ways to determine if what you are doing is truly effective.

By following these 5 steps, immediate success in social media marketing is attainable. For further assistance on immediate success in social media marketing, consult one of our team members at Creatus to explore more ways you can improve your business with these proven marketing skills.