GeekifyGuys Launch

Derral launched his new YouTube channel, GeekifyGuys, on March 1, 2016.

Derral teamed up with fellow YouTuber Jared Mecham from Ellie and Jared to create a new and unique channel that’s all about having fun. Every Tuesday, GeekifyGuys will release a competitive activity video, while Thursday will be a competitive gaming video.

The Geekify Gang will bring in a variety of YouTube collaborators to join the competition every week.

Derral will continue to release YouTube-specific videos on his Derral Eves YouTube channel.

Go to GeekifyGuys on YouTube to subscribe to their bi-weekly video posts.

Derral Reaches 200,000+ YouTube Subscribers

Derral’s YouTube channel recently surpassed 200,000 subscribers, accomplishing a goal he set for himself two years ago. With this subscription milestone, Derral decided to give back to his viewers by hosting a live Q&A session: 200 minutes for 200,000.

Derral’s crew put together a special filming set right in his office to optimize the live taping with in-house equipment. The session included a live-roll commenting thread where viewers could say or ask anything. Derral answered viewers’ questions about YouTube and even his personal life. He also did shout-outs and instantaneous channel reviews for a handful of lucky subscribers.

Viewers of the live video were given the opportunity to enter Derral’s giveaway for a free 200-minute channel evaluation. Four separate winners were chosen and will have rare and invaluable one-on-one evaluations with Derral.

Derral is excited to reach milestones and accomplish his goals, but his passion for YouTube and video creating and marketing never rests, and he already has his sights set on hitting his next big goal.

Studio C Collaborations

The Creatus team went to Provo Utah and met up with Studio C. They helped film some collaborations with Peter Hollens, The Piano Guys, Brooklyn & Bailey and Cute Girls Hairstyles. Creatus worked with both parties to make the collaboration happen and make sure it was uploaded and marketed.


Peter Hollens and Studio C

For this sketch, they put together an Avengers Musical. They got over a million views! Check it out here:



The Piano Guys and Studio C

For this sketch, Studio C members were the piano moving guys and The Piano Guys were planning where to do their next video. It answered the popular question “How did you get the piano there?” Check it out here:



Brooklyn & Bailey and Studio C

For this sketch, it was prom season and the guys were picking up their dates and they see their interesting dresses. It was hilarious. Check it out here:

They also did another sketch, which was the OTHER Parent Trap. They got over a million views! Check it out here:



Cute Girl Hairstyles and Studio C

For this sketch, they were styling Jeremy’s mustache different ways. They had very creative styling tips. Check it out here:

Derral Eves Guest Speaker on Saturday Cup of Joe

In today’s world of social networking, every once in a while it’s a lot of fun to hang-out with the guys and discuss the events of the day through a live webcast.

Lemmy Moore, host of Saturday Cup of Joe, invited two of his associates, Derral Eves and Bill Walsh to talk about where video and video marketing is leading to. The discussion quickly turned to social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, and where video is going in the next 3 to 5 years‒ here are some of the things that were highlighted.

Video Is Growing Exponentially

After knowing the inner workings of social media, especially what’s evolving with YouTube, Derral Eves discussed several issues that are crucial to online success by using video as a marketing tool. He started out by discussing how video is going mobile, live, and will be more intimate or familiar, meaning that it will draw in more of a social element.

YouTube’s making way for bigger and better things as they prepare for an announcement this summer. Since YouTube introduced Live Events, algorithms have been going through the roof. They are preparing for the next wave of cutting-edge technology‒ which is video. “There’s so much more than just ranking,” Eves said, “now that Live Events are becoming more popular. Believe it or not, now you have to add in algorithms and other SEO including viewer engagement and watch time to be successful on social media platforms,” Eves concluded.

Techniques and methods are becoming more defined. Video marketing is rapidly and very quickly dominating the world. To generate traffic, creators must have a top-notch marketing campaign along with the know-how to produce high quality video. But it’s the know-how that hangs people up when it comes to being successful. So, that is why there had to be something more to offer content creators.

Learn from the Masters at VidSummit 2015

After attending tons of different events to find that magic formula for success, Derral Eves realized that he couldn’t ever get everything he needed in just one conference. Because of this, Derral decided it was time for a change and became the founder of the VidSummit. This is a conference held each year in Los Angeles, which includes everything that a creator needs to know and understand in order to grow online businesses and become successful while doing it. Included in this event is what you need to know about Audience Development, Advertising, Driving Traffic, Science Behind Online Marketing, Video, and Media Production. And all of this comes from the world’s top YouTube marketing experts. VidSummit is hands down the best way to teach and train people how to continually seek out the most up-to-date information, to always stay ahead of the curve. It focuses exclusively on the industry as a whole. Nothing is left out. “This event really makes you think,” added Bill Walsh. “It is the place to change the way you do things, and do them right.”

The VidSummit is the type of event that pulls back the curtain and gives people the know-how to make video more engaging. There are VIP sessions along with an exclusive Master Mind session for attendees to brainstorm ideas. “It’s a great place to learn cutting-edge techniques and methods for online video success from the best in the industry. The speakers include Jeffery Harmon, Dane Golden, Ricky Ray Butler, Travis Chambers, Allison Stern, Jake Larsen, and Gideon Shalwick to name a few. I can’t name them all, but this is just a few of the world’s top experts that attend the VidSummit,” Derral added.

It’s clear from this Live Event held at Saturday Morning Cup of Joe that video is now one of the most vital components for online success. Video is, right now, the hottest topic for online marketers. As you can see, video is new and inventive. It is vital for marketing success so you’re ready as a creator to join the year of video marketing.

MoonLight Shoot

Amy Guess came on May 5th to film her music video for her original song, MoonLight. For the shoot, Creatus rented out a tele-lense canon 800mm which can be pricey. As they envisioned the full moon shot and planned the shoot from dusk to dawn, one thing caught the crew off guard. Heavy storms passed through that night making the shoot extremely difficult. Thus, causing a literal rain check a month later to capture the full moon with good weather.

About a month later, Creatus once again met up with the others and left for Las Vegas to start for the second shoot. The crew used apps on their smart-phones to locate where the moon would rise and around what time. Once they found out the location, they set-up shop in the hot desert and waited for the talent to arrive. When Amy and her crew arrived, they tested the shots so they would get the moon in the shot. Amy wanted a “Trickster” (a person who can throw flips and tricks) to flip in front of the full-moon. The shot would only have 30 seconds or less to get the actor in frame and be able to land the trick around the moon. Not to mention all the gear had to be on point as well. When the time came, the moon shot went exactly how they hoped it would. The trickster was seen doing a back-flip with his feet wrapped around the entire moon! They used a RED Cam with the Canon 800mm lense.

The next stop was Mount Charleston, just outside of Las Vegas. However, this posed new problems because of how cold it was. Vegas was low 90’s when they left, but Mount Charleston was below 50 degrees. Everyone was dressed for summer and wasn’t prepared for the cold weather. They ended up getting all the shots they needed with fog machines and epic lights with the full-moon. After that, the team went to an old reservoir outside of Vegas, with a glowing desert from the moonlight. They finished up just in time as the sun was rising.

Alex Boyé Releases Newborn – Wise Men Still Seek Him

It may look as if I’m backtracking a few months when I tell you what Alex Boye has been up to. In my book, he is a master artist when it comes to music. He has definitely been given a true gift to share with the world as he does so with his latest Christmas song, “Newborn-Wise Men Still Seek Him” that was released in December of 2014.

Let me tell you a little about Alex. He is a one-of-a-kind singer and songwriter and an exceptional man. Even at a young age his is life has been devoted to his music as he consistently brings out the best of his songs for all to enjoy. Alex is constantly on the move. He has worked with The Piano Guys, opened for Olivia Newton John at the Royal Albert Hall, and has been in numerous theatrical plays and film productions.

Alex Boyé is a man making a connection through his music with feelings and emotions that each of his songs portray. So, no matter what time of year it may be, take a moment to listen to Alex’s music to lift your heart and find some joy.

World’s Largest Nativity Hits Social Media

Photo by Scott Jarvie

The Creatus team joined a handful of prominent YouTube stars like David Archuleta, Studio C, The Piano Guys, and Stuart Edge to participate in the world’s largest nativity. This record breaking event was held in Provo, Utah, where it became the site for this occasion.

The event is part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Christmas campaign along with a music video. The production is called #ShareTheGift. The goal is to bring people from all over the world of different faiths to join together and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

This was all made possible as people joined to be a part of the live nativity, set a record, and spread the word on social media. Award winning singer and songwriter Alex Boyé was also excited to help the LDS church get in on the social media event. He said, “Anything to do with the Church getting in with social media and culture, and just breaking through those barriers and helping people realize that we’re just fun, cool, normal people‒ that gets me really excited.”

Derral Eves is one of the many who helped produce the live event. He stated, “It’s our statement to the world that we need to bring Christ back into Christmas.” It took one month to plan and felt that the end result was a positive one. “We wanted to do it simply to show the world what Christmas is all about,” said Eves. “It is not all the presents, but it is about the true gift of Christmas — Jesus Christ.”

Jeff Taylor, the creative director of the video added, “The stars just really aligned. We thought it would be great to bring people of all different faiths to come together. It’s been an amazing process.”

With a final count, the total came to having 1,039 participants joined in the re-enactment at Rock Canyon Park while they dressed as shepherds, angels, and wise men to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The sound was heavenly as the angels sang in the background, bringing the event to its final highpoint.

This event was added to the Guinness Book for the largest live nativity as it took about a month to organize as many different people stepped in to help. Michael Empric from Guinness Book of World Records stated that a new record had been set from the previous one held by people in the United Kingdom with only 898 participants.

With this kind of exposure on social media sites, it is expected to see #ShareTheGift with a reach of around 15 million followers. The producers and participants included Stuart Edge, BYU’s Studio C, David Archuleta, The Piano Guys, and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir were all a part of the large production. The music video debut is December 12th.

Unique Video from the Dominican Republic

The Creatus team spent a week shooting video in the Dominican Republic for one of their clients, Tony Litster. The shoot consisted of 28 videos to promote Tony’s upcoming book.

Video is a great opportunity to show people what you’re about. And there is no better way to market and advertise than with video. Besides, you can’t beat the location of the Dominican Republic with its breath-taking views to provide plenty of perfect video footage to get that perfect shot. Everyone enjoyed the work and it was so amazing to see the diversity of the cultures. How awesome it was to go to such a beautiful country to make unique video.

Everyone should plan to visit the Dominican Republic sometime in their life. This place is teaming with all kinds of opportunities and definitely provided that right footage in the making of these videos.

Waterfalls, exotic animals, and blue ocean surround the landscape. What a paradise it was to be in and enjoy. There is nothing better than enjoying the day shooting video, the hospitality of the people, and eating all kinds of delicious food.

Creatus Team Works with Client to Create 50 Videos

“To sum up Derral’s Youtube video channel creation program: it is a complete turn-key solution that formulates, creates and launches your Youtube channel with clear focus and a full year’s worth of content-rich rocket fuel. I am now ready for success-onward and upward. Thanks again for your genius, Derral.”

Brian Rasmus

Creatus teamed up with their client, Brian Rasmus, to produce 50 videos for his insurance website. After seeing how limitless Creatus was with their latest cutting edge techniques and quality online promotion, Brian sat down with the team and created a plan to maximize his video exposure for his own website along with reaching out on social media platforms.

Since there are hundreds of videos posted to YouTube every minute, it is important to stand out from the competition. The Creatus team helped Brian understand this, made a plan, and set goals to help him achieve this.

With every aspect of the production phase of his videos, Brian was excited to let his unique content stand out from the other businesses similar to his. He is eager to release a video on his site each week to increase traffic to his website and give his clients the information that they are looking for. Now Brian’s insurance videos are easily accessible for tablet and smartphone users, along with other devices, explaining the latest information on the insurance plans he sells.

Video has taken over the marketing industry. And with video, brands can gain a stronger online presence, build brand awareness, and grow their community with just a 30-90 second video. Creatus recognizes that video is vital to promoting products and services. The Creatus team takes the time to understand and know all of the specifics of making video‒ it’s an essential part of making any online marketing strategy effective and successful.

Redhead Express Video Shoot in Oregon

Creatus joined up for three days in October with the ever talented Redhead Express for yet a second video shoot. Did you know that you can capture some incredible video footage even in stormy weather?

That’s exactly what happened for the Redhead Express as they got busy working on yet another music video. Everything about this, about being in Oregon and along the coast was spectacular. It was easy to find some of the best places to film, but this time it posed more of a challenge as the weather decided to grow cold and rainy, making it more difficult to get video in-between the stormy weather. Nevertheless, the views were beautiful as the whole crew was able to stay on schedule to get everything finished on time.

One of the best parts of filming was going to see the lighthouse. Heceta Head Lighthouse was enchanting‒ making it hard to choose exactly where to shoot the music video. Oregon is beautiful country to be in. The Redhead Express had a blast teaming up with Creatus to complete the job.