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Bing Search Engine Innovations

For those who are working on websites, it is time to be prepared for any changes that will ultimately become an advantage for the company. This means that necessary strategies must be known and understood to properly engage with online marketing techniques that are proven to be successful.

Just like other search engines, Bing places an importance on domain names. These names must contain the exact keyword phrase that the website is trying to achieve in ranking. This is why it is essential to create domain names with the same name as the keyword phrase. However, most of the time it is not possible for the domain name because it has already been taken. To solve this problem, it is recommended that the company should purchase the domain name having the keyword phrase, fill it with relevant contents, and just link it to the main website.

Other useful search engine innovation strategies include:

  • Building links is an important organic SEO strategy that will hold great value in all search engines.
  • Bing’s webmaster tools are similar to other webmaster tools. This aids webmasters to determine how Bing ranks and indexes its website and any other websites.
  • Blended search results should be focused by marketers when trying to rank on Bing. This means that contents in other forms such as video, images, and maps receive more value from other search engines. These types of formats are very effective for marketing.
  • Capitalize on the related search menu that is on the left side of search pages since people frequently use them as shortcuts for their searches.

Now is the time to prepare for innovation. As search engines compete for the market, Internet industry is expecting to see some pretty tough competition between search engine companies. Creatus understands content compatibility, and recognizes how to distinguish authority and weed out what is not needed. With our strong approach in handling mobile content, we see the innovation on both sides to make certain that your business can optimize search engine strategies to your advantage.