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Bill Gates’ Corbis Acquires Plaid Social Labs

Cobis, a company founded in 1989 and owned by Bill Gates, will acquire Plaid Social Labs, an online video and social media platform that focuses on product integration, founded by brand integrator Ricky Ray Butler, for an undisclosed amount.

Content has quickly become a strong marketing vehicle for advertising agencies, and with this acquisition from Bill Gates’ company, Corbis is looking to connect brands effortlessly with social and digital influences.

By acquiring Plaid Social Labs, Corbis’s Branded Entertainment Network (BEN) will offer clients more branding opportunities along with a more targeted product placement on YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, Twitch, and other social platforms. This will also allow Corbis to create and launch other digital channels under their Branded Entertainment Network.

The viewing habits of consumers have drastically changed. Products endorsed by YouTube and Facebook stars are at a higher percentage rate to be purchased than from traditional Hollywood celebrity branding campaigns. Corbis believes that by acquiring Plaid, they will position themselves to generate millions in revenue for their clients, and currently place multiple brands into television shows every night‒ not to mention Netflix and other highly rated social platforms that they work with.

The challenge now days is getting brands to connect with their audience. That is why this acquisition will become a powerhouse and bring new technology, embedding, and analytics to product integration. Butler commented about the acquisition and said, “For an entrepreneur like me and the others on our team who took a risk in building this business, we are thrilled to be acquired by a Bill Gates company. We look forward to the next phase in our development together.”

Digital media is the wave of the future on how people will create, consume and share their entertainment and information. The utilization of brand integration within these parameters only increases awareness and establishes a deeper credibility for brands and their products. It is projected that this purchase will definitely open up unlimited opportunities to push content and target audiences on a whole new level.