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Alex Boyé Releases Newborn – Wise Men Still Seek Him

It may look as if I’m backtracking a few months when I tell you what Alex Boye has been up to. In my book, he is a master artist when it comes to music. He has definitely been given a true gift to share with the world as he does so with his latest Christmas song, “Newborn-Wise Men Still Seek Him” that was released in December of 2014.

Let me tell you a little about Alex. He is a one-of-a-kind singer and songwriter and an exceptional man. Even at a young age his is life has been devoted to his music as he consistently brings out the best of his songs for all to enjoy. Alex is constantly on the move. He has worked with The Piano Guys, opened for Olivia Newton John at the Royal Albert Hall, and has been in numerous theatrical plays and film productions.

Alex Boyé is a man making a connection through his music with feelings and emotions that each of his songs portray. So, no matter what time of year it may be, take a moment to listen to Alex’s music to lift your heart and find some joy.