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Age Domains Give Top SEO Rankings

Even though there are a couple hundred ranking factors in Google’s algorithms, SEO is still considered a dominating factor to ranking along with the quality, quantity, and age of a website. This simply means the age of a website in which the website started its online presence.

Interestingly enough, the age of a website is one of the things that can’t be controlled. So, if you’re aching to get out there and utilize Google algorithms and rank in the top of search engines, it might be wise to buy one of these old domains. This has proven to be a unique opportunity where it can give first page rankings in organic search results.

Since it is absolute that older websites receive higher rankings than newer sites, it looks to be wise to buy an aged domain. There are lots of websites that are selling domains such as, and The domains being sold have website, PR ranks and links with them. However, the age of the domain are not shown on these sites. It is better to use some websites which are offering domain age search services.

It’s true that Google knows that domain age means you’re probably trustworthy and they like that small detail about you. If you are ready to set up a new website, considering an aged domain could become a very handy option to help you stand out above the others.