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5 Proven Internet Strategies That Increase Local Sales

Video Marketing Campaign

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine with 3 billion searches a month. Since it is the fastest growing video sharing website in the world, it proves worthy to set your sites on having some type of video marketing campaign that will bring more traffic to your website.

With the right Lead Capture and Follow-up Campaign, this invites visitors to look at your page where 5% will make a purchase. Those numbers become much higher if businesses offer their consumers free information in exchange for their contact information, with about a 35 to 40% increase just from these campaign conversions.

This is the time to become very serious about who you are marketing for. Once you have established goals to obtain more exposure, slowly grow a relationship that builds upon that landing page to turn traffic into conversions.

Local Search Visibility

There are at least 30% of searches that include a local term or city. This means that every search with these terms can give local companies an advantage over their competitors. Businesses must get listed in all of the local directories. For this type of visibility, you must make your listing matter.

Another important key to maintaining the highest local visibility is knowing how well a local listing matches what customers are searching for. These search ranking factors are valuable and should include titles, keywords, and key phrases that make them easy to search.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing fundamentals allow businesses to maximize their online presence. This is the process of gaining website traffic through social media sites. Creating content that resonates well with target audiences is a vital step to growing a strong presence in social media. This type of platform can be a very ingenious way to build relationships and communicate with consumers when leveraged correctly. By doing this, it is also a great opportunity to build trust, respect, and credibility than ever before. With the ease of having feedback through likes, comments, and shares, businesses can improve and sell more on a daily basis. What a great way to initiate free advertising on your behalf.

Blog Marketing

Many businesses don’t feel that blogs are an important part of their marketing strategy. But it is one of the most popular marketing techniques out there today, especially if you strategize your marketing plan on social media.

By having a blog, you are able to manage information when it comes available. This gives your customers an edge to know and expect what it happening with your business. Blogs stand out because customers love how they trend. They will respond to them more quickly compared to other articles that may be posted on a website.

Blogs are personal. They help businesses engage with their customers while improving your visibility. By using a blog, customers find that your information is more consistent and draws a substantial amount of traffic because of the continual posts and comments.

Full Video Marketing

This is the year for video marketing. Video marketing has grown more and more popular because of the simplicity of how easy it is to tell a story through a video. As content creators spend more time sharpening their storytelling skills, this platform has become the perfect format to gain the attention from audiences globally.

Using video marketing as a strategic tool can lead to a successful business. With the right focus and determination, businesses can create a strong brand identity. The video marketing statistics don’t lie. Consumers now rely on video to help them make important decisions on what products or services they will purchase. The value of a short video can impact a global audience.